The 42 nd edition of the Calendar continues to provide insight and thoughtful
commentary and analysis of our story. The monthly articles highlight the
following personalities: Nyabinghi and Muhumusa; Willie Ricks; John Carlos and
Tommie Smith; Martin Delany; and Amzie Moore. In addition, the following
issues are also addressed: Black Films; Wholistic Health; Black Home-Schooling;
Self-Defense/Guns in the Community; and Removal of confederate Statues. Our
special features include two photo pages (we invite you to submit photos and
graphics); Updated Booklist, Black Facts, Black People Speaking For Ourselves;
Demographics of our people in america and the diaspora; Youth Page; Kwanzaa
Article; and a pull- out Poster that recognizes our warriors who have transitioned
and left a legacy of activism.
We hope the Calendar inspires others to get involved and TAKE ACTION that
promotes fundamental change so that… “justice rolls down like waters and
righteousness like a mighty stream.” (Martin Luther King)
The 2019 Calendar is dedicated to all who are committed to VICTORY for our
people. Knowledge Is Power because it then leads to action. Thank you for
joining us in doing what is necessary to continue moving forward. We especially
thank those of you who contributed to the Calendar by writing an article or
sending in graphics or photos. We encourage YOU to add your voice to this
powerful educational and organizing tool. Together We Shall Win. ( PAMOJA