Truth Matters!!  Critical Race Theory is Fact.  The 45th edition of the Black Seeds Historical and Educational Calendar (BSHEC) is dedicated to those who continue to research and reveal the true history of our people.  Regardless of the obstacles, repercussions and backlash, brave, courageous, and righteous people continue to educate, organize, and unify our people.  Often time they are not recognized or acknowledged immediately, but through the efforts of Black Seeds and others their achievements and sacrifices WILL NOT BE IGNORED.  

As a reader of the Calendar you have shown a commitment to the legacy and survival of our people/history.   Knowledge is power when it leads to action.  Thank you for taking a role in knowing and doing what’s necessary to continue to move forward.  We especially thank those of you who contributed to the Calendar by writing an article, sending in a photo or graphic, or sharing it with others.  We welcome contributions from all of you interested in telling Ourstory.

The 2022 BSHEC features a pull-out Poster highlighting some of the architectural wonders of Africa; a Youth Page with activities for the young and young at heart; Booklist of publications to further your studies; Kwanzaa article; Demographics of our people in America and diaspora; Black Facts for every month; as well as Black People Speaking For Ourselves.

Monthly article topics include:  Voter Suppression; Nkenge Toure; Queen Ranavalona III; Harriet Tubman; Slave Patrol;  Riot at the Capitol; Black geniuses Runoko and Marimba Ani; Reparations; Black Panther Programs; Battle of Bamber Bridge; and Brotherhood of Liberty.

We hope the Calendar inspires you to get involved and TAKE ACTION that demands fundamental change.  Pass it on.  Share it with friends, family and organizations.  KNOWLEDGE WITH POWER AND ACTION LEADS TO FREEDOM!!  EDUCATE – ORGANIZE—UNIFY!!